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Welcome to Klosterman Auctioneering.

We would like to give you a brief history of our business. Max has been licensed a Auctioneer since 1988 and really enjoys all the people he gets to meet. Max resides near Dudleytown and farms and trades equipment. Max is also a member of the Seymour Community School Board. Max has been married to Brenda(Lucas) since 1979. She is the pre-school teacher/director at St. John's (Sauers) where they are both members.

What makes our business so special is our family. All of our children help with the business As well as Max's sister, cousin and good friends.

A little bit about our children:

Lacy is married to Josh Vaughn. Lacy is a nurse at Riley Childrenís Hospital in Indianapolis and works in the Pediatric Critical Care Unit. Josh helps farm when needed and is in partnership with trading equipment. Lacy and Josh have been married since 2005.

Leah is married to Kyle Broshears. Leah is a nurse at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and works in the Neuro Critical Care Unit. Kyle owns his own trucking business. They have 2 sons, Parker and Hudson. Leah and Kyle have been married since 2008.

Clayton lives on the other side of Dudleytown in a house that belonged to his great-great grandfather. He sandblasts and paints equipment of all types. He is also his dadís right hand when it comes to the farming operation.

Lisbeth is a 2014 graduate of Indiana University with a masterís in social work. She is currently applying for jobs and studying to take the LSW examine. She is marrying Chad Decker in September.

Lola Lynch is Maxís youngest sister and works at Beverís Pharmacy. She is married to Terry Lynch. She helps wherever we need her.

Cathy Wente is Maxís cousin and is married to Gary Wente. She is employed at Goecker Construction. She also helps where we need her.

Kyle Klosterman, Maxís nephew, is employed at Cummins Engine Co. He is a ringman and helps wherever needed.

Max has a broad range of knowledge when it comes to auctions. From a small vase to a large tractor, Max usually knows fair market value. Max will do all he can to make your auction a success.

The next time you're looking for an auctioneer, give us a call. We'd love to tell you all the things we can offer and how to get the most for your money.

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